The only downside to wanting grilled salmon is that I have to put clothes on and go downstairs.

they do this thing called delivery now, you know.

Yes, but I'd still have to make myself presentable in my extreme laziness.

wait until i'm there. i'll take the delivery.

Aye aye, captain. You want to keep me in the buff?

i do. and make some delivery guy suicidal with jealousy.

That I have a tattooed hunk getting my delivery for me? Absolutely.


And truth.

and truth.

Without a doubt, captain.

i'll still call that flattery.

The look on your face when I do flatter you makes it worth it every time.

which look is that?

The tiny-smile-pink-cheeked look.

i'm going to be so, so very shirtless this evening.

You better be. House rules and all.

pantsless, even. i'll figure something out re: delivery.

That's what hand towels in the kitchen are for.